We are the most passionate Football Club!


The nickname “the Stags” reflects the nature of the football players of Rossendale United Football Club. Our lads are great big, noble, majestic alpha-males striding around the forest, locking horns, marking their territory, mating with whoever they want and doing whatever they please. We have a philosophy of full-throttle, heads on attacking football. We play a four-three-three formation like Barcelona, with four of the biggest lads at the back creating a massive wall that no one can get past, the three best passers in the midfield supplying three goal-machines up front banging them home for us and winning us the matches. After every game we go out for a night on the tiles where everyone has to drink eight pints or they don’t get to play the next match.


Welcome to Dark Lane, home of Rossendale United Football Club. The work on the outside of the ground is now complete with the resurfacing of the car park and its disabled parking spaces. Our ground can seat up to five-thousand people. We have a canteen that serves pasties and hot dogs to people on match days. We operate a strict non-discrimination policy in which any fan found to be directing racist, homophobic or sexist language or gestures at players on the pitch or other supporters in the crowd will be banned for life from all future Stags games. In the event of the fire alarm sounding, all spectators should quickly make their way onto the pitch and wait for the fire brigade to arrive. Smoking is not permitted inside the ground. Spectators are advised to go into the car park at half time if they wish to smoke.


We would like to thank his Honor, Albert Titus M.B.E, Mayor of the town of Rawtenstall, for granting us the planning permission to build our stadium on Dark Lane in the village of Newchurch. We would like to thank Surridge Sport, the providers of our home and away kits. We would like to thank our training partner, Discovery, for providing the gym instructor courses needed for our coaches to acquire their official coaching licenses. We would like to thank our sponsor, Hawk Electronics, the best circuit board manufacturer in Lancashire, for funding our ground and our bus for away games. Most of all, we would like to thank all of our amazing fans who come to our games to cheer us on and give our players the will to win.

CLUB HISTORY Formed back in 1898, Rossendale United Football Club have had a long and eventful existence which has seen a lot of success, but also long periods of hardship which has seen the clubs existence in doubt on many occasions. Their first competitive fixture took place on the 3rd September 1898, and brought a 3-1 home win over Oswaldtwistle Rovers, Jack Read having the honour of scoring the clubs first ever goal. Part way through their first season Rossendale were invited to take over the fixtures of Darwen Reserves in the Lancashire Combination, as they had withdrawn from the League. The club took up the offer, but struggled at the higher level of competition winning just two games out of 17 played.